Friday, 30 August 2013

The Best George Foreman Grill

I recently bought an indoor grill for all purposes of grilling. Hamburgers, chicken breasts, you name it. I wanted it done. I had previously owned one of those tiny ones that you can only fit 1 chicken breast on. The type that is popular among college kids. It didn't fit my needs anymore, so I went on a mission to find the best George Foreman grill. Why George Foreman you might ask? Well, I'm a huge fan of theirs. Their products have always lasted a long time without malfunctioning and I'm a very loyal guy.They have the best electric grills as far as I am concerned.

I started by comparing several different models. The one that instantly stood out the most is the George Foreman GRP90WGR model. I was reading awesome things about it, and it had amazing features. I like to cook just about anything on a grill and this one comes with five different interchangeable plates, for all types of grilling. It has a standard grill plate for your chicken and anything else, a steak plate with perfect heat distribution and grill marks. Also included is a waffle plate. You just pour on your batter as much as you want for huge delicious waffles. Next is a griddle for your eggs and bacon. Last but not least, is a deep baking dish plate!

The next big thing I was looking for to find the best George Foreman grill, was a large cooking surface. I'm not a family of one you know, so I needed to fit some more food on! This thing has a very large 72 square inches of grill surface.

Some more things that swayed my opinion were the handles. They don't get hot, so if you need to shuffle it around on the counter to make room for something, there's no need to grab hot mitts. Another huge one is that all the plates are dishwasher safe. I hated with a passion to get the grilled-on grease and grime off my old one, so this is a huge plus. Also, it has the power/heat dial on the top of it. No messing about, this thing is streamlined and awesome!

I bought mine on sale for $99 through CLICK HERE TO SEE IT, and as of right now, the sale is still on. It doesn't say when the sale ends, but a grill like this is bound to move fast at that price. I'm just happy I got mine when I did and now I'm happily grilling away at least 3 times a week.

Happy Grilling!